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  • To Rug, Or Not To Rug?
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    Equine Nutrition

To Rug, Or Not To Rug?

To Rug, Or Not To Rug?

We love to rug up our horses, making sure they're warm and cosy in their stable or field but, do they really need it on? Before reaching for that beautiful rug, you need to consider your horse's breed, weight, age, workload, natural coat type and if your horse has been clipped.

Horses that live out are used to colder weather and cope better with cooler temperatures than horses that spend more time stabled. Below we have created a simple guidance table to help you decide what is best for your horse (scroll sideways for more info):

 Temperature Stabled/Clipped Stabled/Unclipped Turned Out Clipped Turned Out Unclipped
15 Degrees & Warmer  Zero Fill  Nothing  Nothing  Nothing
10 to 15 Degrees  Light Weight (100g) or Zero Fill  Nothing or Zero Fill  Nothing or Light Weight (100g) or Zero Fill if wet & windy  Nothing
5 to 10 Degrees  Medium Weight         (250g)  Light Weight (150g)  Light Weight (150g) plus Neck Cover  Nothing or Light Weight (100g)
0 to 4 Degrees  Heavy Weight (300g)  Medium Weight (200g)  Medium Weight (200g) with Neck Cover  Nothing or Light/ Medium Weight (150-250g)
-10 to 0 Degrees  Heavy weight (300-400g) with Neck Cover

 Medium Weight

(200-300g) with Liner

Heavy weight (300-400g) with Neck Cover plus Liner

Light or Medium Weight

(150-300g) with Neck Cover

-10 or Colder  Heavyweight (300-500g) with Neck Cover plus Liner  Medium or Heavy  Weight (300-400g) with Neck Cover  Heavy Weight (300-500g) plus Liner and/or Under Blanket and Hood  Heavy weight (300-500g) plus Neck Cover
  • Post author
    Equine Nutrition